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My favorite movie is Kal Ho Na Ho. It is a hindi movie and it is very emotional. The best thing about this movie is it teaches you to be happy in the difficult phases of your life, when you feel like giving up. I would recommend you to watch it too, in the case you have not watched it.

anonymousWhich is your favourite movie?? And why??
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For me, definitely "Mary Poppins" movie. I watched it twice 10 years ago and after that I haven't seen it broadcasted again. It's about a wonderful nanny, falling from the sky to help two children in a family. During her stay, she created abundant games, which were out of this world. I don't know whether I should consider her a witch or a fairy. It is Julie Andrews'voice and grace as well as enchanted scence and music that have left the deepest impression on me. It was published in 1964, really long time ago, so whenever I ask someone whether they watch Marry Poppins or not, my answers are always negative. Luckily, recently, I have found the link of that movie. Memories came back and I actually engrossed in the film. This film has won numerous prizes and the novel is among one of the most renowned ones of all time. I recommend everyone to watch this fantastic film.

Gosh, it’s so hard to choose only one film which I like the most. I really enjoy spending free time in front of an exciting movie, especially with my friends or family. Recently, I watched Wonder Woman once again (or maybe the third time Emotion: smile. This film is inspiring, truly hooks attention from the very first minutes and tells us an amazing story. Besides, the main actress is Gal Gadot. She’s one hell of an actress! She’s a stunning, talented and gorgeous actress. I can’t even imagine who else could play so wonderfully. Did you know that Gal was pregnant while shooting? It’s one more proof of her talent and hard work.

Hello! Honestly, I cannot remember for sure, but talking about the recently liked movies in the cinema, it was La-La-Land for me Emotion: smile

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Hi, it's a little complicated because I like a lot of movies. All those films of different themes.

But I think my favorite movie is Robin Hood the prince of thieves.

I have seen the movie many times and I'm not bored

My favorite film is Harry Potter, I really like this magical story, I already know every phrase, every moment of books and films, I just fell in love with this story.

If I were to name my favourite films, there would be so many, just to name a few off the top of my head: Grave of the fireflies, In this corner of the world, hachiko... They are heart-touching films, for me and Japanese made.

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Hard to pick one, actually... But let it be "Back to the Future" (the whole trilogy). I love this movie since my childhood and I can rewatch it as many times as possible. Everything is awesome in it: the actors, the music, the atmosphere in general. It's funny, exciting and sometimes even sad a bit but it's totally worth watching, it's classics! And I've always been in love with the '80s, all that old-school stuff, fashion, music, interior and so on. So yeah, I can say for sure that this trilogy is one of my most favourite ones.

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