Which is your favourite movie?? And why??Emotion: smile
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The Mission: two excellent actors (James Ivory and Robert De Niro), moving but also educational plot, amazing soundtrack, and breathtaking landscapes. Can you ask for more? Emotion: smile

I've seen that movie too during a history lesson last year!! and I'd like it very much:)
What kind of movies do you prefear in general??
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I really like watching movies, but unfortunately I don't have the occasion to do it often.. So I don't really know which one is my favorite Emotion: big smile I should improve my film knowledge.. I feel donkey sometimes! Especially when someone asks me "Have you ever seen....?" (and maybe it's a famous one) I always say "No, I'm sorry" Emotion: embarrassed

I like very much to see films of almost any type, but I prefer the comedy films and the thrillers. Despite of, it happens to me a similar thing than Mar-Tunny: when people talk about Hollywood star's I don't recognize them by his name. I need to see the face of them or an explanation about what films they have worked.

But If I must say one tittle, I choose.... "Mamma Mia", 'cos it's a funny film, with a lot of music and a very beautiful landscapes.

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My favorite movie is The Cure because it had a great message behind it Emotion: smile
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There are some - "On the waterfront" (Marlon Brando is real good there, the best role he ever played), "Man with the golden arm" (Franc Sinatra was not only a singer but an actor indeed). There are quite few, but these are my affection.
Mmm. A difficult question...

I'm not very interested in cinema and I don't understand nothing about films and its quality or making, but one of my favourites is "Catch me if you can". DiCaprio and Tom Hanks play their characters perfectly. I like the history of Frank Abagnale Jr. and the "age" of the film and the music.

I don't care whether it's a drama film, or a comedy or a romantic one, I just only need to like the history, and if I like the music too, I "get in love" with the film Emotion: smile
Dear Mar-Tunny you should say " I feel like a donkey sometimes ! " Otherwise, fine.

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