I have always wondered whether Italian is easier to learn than Spanish,and vice versa.Which of these two languages has grammar rules that are more difficult?

If there is someone on this message board who has tried to learn both languages,or simply thinks that can answer the question,i would like to hear what you think.

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well... I dunno which is easier

I think all languages are somehow difficult to learn at the first step

Actually, I'm learning Spanish and I'm not doing well coz I'm depending on self-education

Arabic, my mother tongue, is hard to learn as I assume, even for me coz the Arabic grammar are nasty

But I dunno about the rules of Spanish or Italian.. maybe sb else might explain more

Hello! I think that Italian and Spanish grammar rules are difficult the same. I am a native Italian and I have to admit that when I was a child I found difficult to learn some irregular verbs. I've studied a little Spanish and I found the same difficulty.
If you have to choose which language to learn, well I would advise you to learn Spanish, not because I don't like my language but as a matter of fact Italian is spoken only in Italy and the Italian part of Switzerland, while Spanish is spoken in many countries!
I've always said: with English and Spanish you can travel all around the world! Emotion: smile
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Buenas diaz señoritas, señoritos!

Buon giorno!


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Hello Sanjadz! I'm an Italian native speaker and I've been studying Spanish for the past three years. I can assure you there is no difference in difficulty level between the two languages. All in all, as Francesca said, I would advise you to give it a try with Spanish first: it's much more useful when it comes to terms with travelling and working.

Hello,thanks for the replies ! Emotion: smile
You`re both right about Spanish because it`s the most useful language after English but i prefer Italian,although i think Spanish is a beautiful language too.
I wish i could learn to speak both languages very well but since they are similar i would probably get most rules and words mixed up. Emotion: hmm
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So good luck with both the languages, SanjaDz...and if you need help with Italian, feel free to ask me Emotion: wink
That`s great,i appreciate it! I will ask you to help me if i finally become serious about learning. Emotion: smile

Easier for whom? Babies in both countries do a fine job mastering whichever they are first exposed to. An adult from China, say, has an uphill struggle either way. In any case, why even raise the question? Learn whichever language is most useful to you.

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