Can you please let me know which langauge is easy to learn and why ?

A mother tongue, because you have been exposed to it from birth. You learn it without putting any real efforts. Learning any other language as second language, no matter which language, is difficult.

I guess that the one which sound you like the most. For example, Italian language sounds very similar to my mother tongue and that is why it is easy for me to learn it.

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A language's difficulty can only be measured by how similar it is to a language one has already developed, as all languages have overlap in structure, pronunciation, etc. Difficulty is about how much overlap is shared between spoken language and the desired one.

If you're an English speaker, then the easiest language for you to learn would be Norwegian. You may be surprised but that's true. Norwegian a member of the Germanic language family, just like English which means that they share a bit of vocabulary, plus, the word order is very similar to English. The Norwegian grammar is also pretty straightforward, having only one verb form per one tense. One more benefit of learning this language is that Norwegian has plenty of accents so you'll have a lot of leeways.