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Hi Punkybrewster,

Do you happen to know how you can become a Maltese citizen?

They are constantly changing the law on that, as far as I know currently you have to be married to a Maltese for at least 5 years to apply for the citizenship. I think they want to change that to 10 years. I think it's best to Google on that because at the end of the day I could be wrong Emotion: wink
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Hi Punkybrewster,

Are you sure you actually need to marry a Maltese to become a Maltese citizen?

Hello Punky,

That was very helpful dear, thanks a lot. Nowadays there is this bug in me, I want to see as much of the world as possible. MA is just an excuse to move and to experience a new country. Emotion: wink

Take care,

Hena [F]
EnglishuserHi Punkybrewster,

Are you sure you actually need to marry a Maltese to become a Maltese citizen?

I found thissite and it seems to have a lot of info if you're interested Emotion: smile
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in Malta, Maltese is the main official language, but English is the second official language and by law is taught in all primary and secondary schools. Around 84% of the population speak English and most people also speak Italian or French. Being geographically centred in the middle of the Mediterranean, Maltese people are very bilingual, with most of the population being able to speak at least 3 to 4 languages including Spanish, German and Arabic.
I know I'm maybe a little biased (being a language school in Malta:) ) but I'd say it's a great little island for a spot of sun-soaked studying. Although the Maltese pronunciation can, at times, be a little awquard and the vocabulary can be a little minimal, there's a willingness to communicate in English here which you just don't see in Italy, France, Spain or many other European nations. Why Malta rather than the U.K? The sunshine. The sea. Cheaper prices. Apart from that, we're a British owned and run school anyway, so we've brought a little slice of England with us Emotion: smile If you're ever thinking of spending a little time somewhere a little warmer and taking in a first-class English langauge course, then 'drop us a line' and we'll be happy to help.
Dear Englishuser
in Malta the majority of people know their english as well as thier maltese.All students know at least basic engligh because it is a compulsory subject and needed to get into college.During secondary school students also study english literature.English literature and language are treated as sepatare subjects.Even though students can speak and understand english,most face problems with written exams since reading is not the most popular past time in Malta.
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I am Maltese, and I started learning English at a public school since I was 6 years old. However; I started practicing the language when I started working in a hotel full of British people. Most Maltese people can communicate in English very well but the pronunciation is very hard for us. Mainly, we cannot pronounce the "th", we say "d" instead. The English schools are great, their teachers are better in English than the rest of the population. Students get to enjoy the beach. nightlife and history. Wish I was a foreign student learning English in Malta. They seem to have so much fun. Overall, the country is safe. Of course we have bad people but most towns are safe. Paceville (nightlife area) can have some drunk irresponsible people late at night. Just like in any other nightlife area around the world. Have fun in Malta!
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