Which movie do you like most?
My favorite movie is THE GODFATHER, It is the best film I have ever seen.
What about you?
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My favourite is L.A. Confidential, I have seen it so many times. The cast is superb, the story is superb. There are so many different characters. For me it is both a realistic story and entertainment. And I like the approach from the director, Curtis Hanson.
Titanic is my favourite movie as I have seen this film so much and I still wanna see more Emotion: smile
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The Shawshank Redemption

hey, i like some has scientific ideas as Deja Vu, it's amazing.

i like also some romantic movies, like sound of music(oooooooold one), just like heaven, Miss Potter.
I like inspiring stories. Among all the movies I have watched, Forrest Gump impresses me the most
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Die Hard for me, legendary action movie.
I can`t choose only one film but one of the my favorites is In the mood for love , by Wong Kar Wai, a chinese director
I liked Die Hard and Forest Gump, but my favourite is "Back To The Future"!
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