I often hear people say next Sunday or next Friday when they actually mean Sunday or Friday of next week, not the coming Sunday or Friday of this week though strictly speaking the coming Sunday or Friday are actually next Sunday and next Friday if today is Wednesday.

Which way is correct?
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If today is Wednesday The Sunday that follows will be next Sunday

Used in england.

Twenty past 5 is five and twenty past 5.

If today is Wednesday The Sunday that follows will be next Sunday

I'd usually just refer to it as Sunday, eg I'll call you on Sunday.

Used in England.

Twenty past 5 is five and twenty past 5. But I think this is a regional, and/or perhaps generational, usage.


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This Sunday or next Sunday means this week's Sunday, unless today is Sunday. If that is so, this Subway means today, and next Sunday means this week's Sunday.

Since the Bible states that on the seventh day he rested I'm surprised Americans choose Sunday as the first day.

I am a UK native and I use "this" to mean the nearest weekday, and "next" to mean the one seven days afterwards without clarification as it's simply accepted convention. It does become confusing at times though, admittedly.

Today is Monday. A day from today is tomorrow. Two days from today is Wednesday. That's what it's called. There would be no reason to complicate matters by referring to it as "next Wednesday", as doing so would not make things any more clear than simply saying "Wednesday". The same applies for every other day remaining this week.

Were today Wednesday, "Monday" would obviously refer to the first Monday that has not yet passed, which would mean the first Monday of next week.

For these reasons, "next -day" was surely introduced to mean the one after the first that follows. Many people apparently became confused by this and started using it incorrectly, such that online forums say that some people would supposedly for some reason refer to two days from now as "next Wednesday".

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The Friday of this week is this Friday or this Friday coming or this coming Friday. The Friday of next week is next Friday.

Hi, the first day of week is Sunday. Today is Thursday. Therefore, this Sunday is 4 days ago. And next Sunday is 3 days later.
Of course there is a correct way to do this, speak English as it was intended. The definition of next is "coming immediately after the present one in order, rank or space".
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