Le Friend: I didn't sleep for days.

Me: Even I [couldn't/couldn't have] if it wasn't for antidepressants

gaylord336I didn't sleep for days.
Even I [couldn't/couldn't have] if it wasn't for antidepressants.

The first line is better said as I haven't slept for days.

couldn't implies I couldn't sleep, which applies to the present and/or future.

couldn't have implies I couldn't have slept, which applies to past time.

Neither one seems completely appropriate as a response to "I didn't sleep for days" (or "I haven't slept for days").


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It is, depending on what I wanna say.

The context is that both the friends have been through a tragic situation last week.

So after a week I asked them

how are they doing?

They replied, “I haven't slept for days”

So I said, “Even I couldn't have if it wasn't for antidepressants”

OK. "couldn't have" is a possibility.

(Just don't write "wanna". Write "want to". "wanna" is not a word. Emotion: smile )