Hi guys,

There are a few sentences that confuse me in their meaning.

Would you take a look at them and comment some here for me?

Your kind comments would be a big help for me.

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I’ll up you five dollars.

a) I'll stake five dollars more than you.(situation: In a bet)

b) I'll pay you five dollars more than the present.(as for a wage)


We women have responded to the challenge of the 2000’s.

a) Of the year 2000

b) Same as 2000s (e.g.: from 2000-2999 ??)


We went along for the ride.

--- We went out together to get in the car ?

Q4: What could be the best interpretation of the words "act jointly" here?

(they are used together and make a new meaning ?)

In compound adjectives:

When two or more adjectives come before a noun but do not act jointly, they are not
ex1) Jim was wearing a white silk shirt.
ex2) I’ve had a long, hard day.


There is nobody besides her husband who understands Ann.

a) Nobdoy except her husband understands Ann.

b) There is no one except Ann's husband. He understands her.
Q1. (a). I have never heard this used with meaning (b).

Q2. 2000's and 2000s both normally mean the years 2000 to 2009. The apostrophe is unnecessary but not uncommon. This follows the standard practice for decades (e.g. 1960s means 1960 to 1969).

Q3. (literally) We joined someone on a trip (often in a car, but not necessarily) just to enjoy the journey, not because we had any particular purpose or need.

(figuratively) We joined in some course of action just for enjoyment or out of curiosity.

Q4. "act jointly" means that the adjectives' meanings combine into a single modifying sense. For example, in "blue-green sea", "blue-green" is one colour (somewhere between blue and green). In contrast, in "white silk shirt" (if we accept "silk" as an adjective), the words "white" and "silk" modify the word "shirt" separately and individually.

Q5. (a)
Thank U, Mr Wordy~

After reading your comments, I checked the meaning of "ride" again in the dictionary and found the meaning that you wrote here.

I should have been more diligent, I guess.

Just to me, it was quite simple sentence and didn't feel any need to look up the dic until someone asked a question about it.

Of course my thanks are for all those comments you did..^^