Wildlife officials would introduce five bears to the Bitterroot Mountains each year for five consecutive years, starting in 2002. They anticipate that the grizzly population, with its slow reproductive cycle, would take more than 100 years to reach the projected goal of about 300 bears.

Wildlife officials have a plan ___________________________

① to live with five bears in the Bitterroot Mountains

② to observe the grizzlies' behavior in a wild state

③ to set bears free to increase their population

④ to reproduce bears in an extremely controlled situation

i dont know what answer is....

thanks in advance
Take a guess. If you answer 1, which part of the paragraph says the officials are going to live with the bears? If you answer 2, which part of the paragraph says they are going to observe the bears? If 3, which part says the bears are confined or caged and in need of being freed. If 4, which part says the bears are expected to reproduce and how will that be controlled?

If you can't find anything in the opening paragraph to support the answer, it's not the right answer!


You need to have at least some understanding of what the paragraph is about, or you won't be able to understand the answer that we give you. So, why don't you try to choose an answer yourself and then we can give you comments?

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