The receptionist, who was away last week

The receptionist returning to work today

The receptionist returns today.

The receptionist, who was away last week and returns to work.

which is correct and what type of sentence is it
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No harm done, davkett. I'm the one who feel sorry.
As I said what I wrote above meaningless as they are, because I used some predicates without giving definitions, although what is crucial is their definition. I really felt, and still feel hesitation.
{'Desperately' Seeking a Unicorn}

I was about to describe the difference among [Individual Sublimation], [Existential Sublimation] and [Universal Sublimation].

(As far as possible. Only because I found it interesting before. I didn't care whether you would be interested in it or not. And now I don't know where to begin with...
Let me think. )
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It sounds intriguing!

(Unfortunately I'm not up to speed on the Montague code either.)

Actually it's not so much as a peculiarity as a mystery of M's semantics. It's based on 'Possible Worlds' semantics.

Yet it appears fruitful because it gives an answer to some question which would remain unexplained otherwise.

Sorry davkett. What I did was just take on some form. Thank you for our talk anyway. Take care,