The receptionist, who was away last week

The receptionist returning to work today

The receptionist returns today.

The receptionist, who was away last week and returns to work.

which is correct and what type of sentence is it
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The receptionist returns today.

Only the above is a complete sentence. All the others are either incomplete or grammatically incorrect sentences.
Thank you . I appreciate it Emotion: smile
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Hello Steves5A

I'm sorry but I have to say that "The receptionist returns today" sounds odd to me.

The intransitive "return" is a momentary dynamic verb. We cannot use this kind of verb in a simple present tense except in the case you want to state a habitual event. (EX) "He returns at 7:00 every evening".

In your case, the event of the receptionist's returning is not a habitual event, because it is modified by a specific time adverb "today". Therefore it should be "he/she returned today" or "her/she has returned today" if the event is already done. If the event is to happen in future, "he/she will returned today" is also possible.

My try is like : "The receptionist, who had been away last week, returned to work today".

Paco2004...... If the event is to happen in future, "she will returned today" is also possible.


what is this Paco ? ıt must be typo .
sorry this one. It's my fault
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Oops! Yes, you are right! It's indeed a typo. It should be "He/She will return today". Thanks for pointing out the error.

I'm unaware, Paco, of the rule, but 'returns today, tomorrow, on Thursday, next week, next year, in the year 2033, etc...' , (meaning 'comes back'), is very common around here--much favored over 'will return'.
And , by the way, Steves5a, your subject-heading should read: 'Which one of these is correct'.
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