Hi. Please read this conversation:

Girl: Can I ask how you lost your arm?

Guy: Yes.

Girl: So how did you?

Guy: I was in an accident.

Girl: What kind of accident?

Guy: A car accident.

Girl: A car accident?

Guy: Yes. (1)You also wanna know what happened?/(2)You wanna know what happened too?

Which one of the two questions will work better as a sarcastic response to her as he thinks she's asking too many annoying questions?


( We say wanna, but we write it as want to. )

Neither of these remarks sounds sarcastic to me. How about this?

Guy: I was cutting my fingernails and the car hit a bump in the road.



Guy: My girlfriend was driving. I released my seat belt so I could lean over and kiss her passionately on the lips. She lost control of the car but I lost my arm.