I have a question here...

A:____ music do you like?
B: I like pop music.

A. What B. Which

A:____ sport do you like?
B: I like tennis.

A. What B. Which

I really need to know what's the best answer for the questions above. I chose "What" but the answer given in my book is "Which". I don't know why. Thank you very much!
which selects.
what identifies.

So either is possible. I don't know how there could be one right answer to either of those questions.

I think both are supposed to be "What" but I would also add "What kind of music do you like?" or What kind of music do you listen to?
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In general, both of them are right. But there will be a bit difference in the meaning depended on which one you use.

When "which" is used, the people who ask and answer already have two or more than two things in front of them or in their minds they choose from.

When "what" is used, it is more general. It can be "which" or anything in the replier's mind that the person who ask may not have any idea what it is.

It is what I think of. If any one don't agree, please also give your viewpoint.
Hi Slave88,

Good to see a visitor from HKSAR. Here is my 2 cents. Sometime with questions like the ones presented here, it feels like we are trying to split atoms.Emotion: big smile

Though, depending on perspectives, opinions do differ. CJ’s summed it up beautifully:

which selects.
what identifies.

Which tends to imply “a presence of selection”. i.e. “ between the British bands from the 60’s, which do you think is the most popular outside of England; The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or Cliff Richard and The Shadows.

What – on the other hand has no preconceived notion of what the subject is. i.e. What is your country of origin? What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

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Thanks, guys. I benefit a lot from your replys.