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it definitely feels great to have someone love you. someone there for you to take care of you.... to an extent all humans expect from others.. sure we love with all our heart... we tend to CARE even more and love even more when we are responded with equal or more love and care............. i would say that being loved adds more pleasure to love.
yeah..it's good to have both..to love and to be loved...hehe

of course to be loved is more pleasure than to love for me...

however, it's a pity if do not have anyone to love....
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well, i think to love is happier than to be loved.

If there is one person u have no feeling for loves u, all u can feel is that u kind of touched, but u are no happier any more. Cause no matter how much he loves u, he is just nobody to you.
On the contrary, if u love someone, no matter that person loves u or not, u still feel happy, of course if this love is a two way street, u would be the happiest person in the world.
No I think if you love sb and it is only a one-way love, you would be the saddiest person in the world, not being able to receive from the one you love the same feelings, it is a heartbreak, I really don't see how happy we still can be.
"to be loved" gives more pleasure , rather than to love someone,
if u know that someone cares for u , then u will love that person too.
but vice-versa is not true.......
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i say its better to be loved then loved...i am saying this cuz im very lonly right nowEmotion: sad
To love is the people's duty,to be loved is the people's right.what a pity that until now no girls love me,i'll wait my princess appear.It's a lovely society by people's love.
To love is the better.
It is harder, to love someone and not be loved in return is a painful thing.
Being loved is easy and requires nothing of us. It is a gift we receive without any effort or work.
But to love grows and develops us as a person, it is the difficult things in life that make us more mature, that develop character in us.
Love is the better part, though not the easier.

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