This is my first post... I was able to find another thread by this name but it was misunderstood, I think, by the responder.

In a sentence like

"I was listening to Shirley speak and I could relate to everything she said."


"I was listening to Shirley speak and I could relate with everything she said."

Is there a recognized way?

In GMAU it says that "relate to" is a voguish expression and I was wondering if "relate with" was preferred. In my experience "relate with" sounds odd in casual speech and carries the somewhat dubious association (in my head at least) of "having a relationship with" with almost sexual overtones. It seems that "relate to" is well-entrenched in American parlance, voguish or not.
'Relate with' is wrong. I can't make anything out of it.

I agree with your assessment of 'relate to'. It's seems to me to be an effective way of abbreviating a more elaborate expression: 'I can grasp, I can feel a connection to, everything you're saying because I have similar experiences/opinions/beliefs/feelings/perspectives/etc.'
AnonymousThe question is still relevant as I was searching for an answer todayRegards to all
Well, i believe it depends on how you use the verb tense, for example if you were to say i am listening to Susie speak at the moment, then it would be 'relate with', but if you say i was listening to Susie speak, or I had been listening to Susie speak, then it would be 'relate to'.
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I have some feelings about --the word "speak" here, Is it used grammatically correct?
It may be slightly redundant. If you're listening to Shirley, chances are she's speaking. Emotion: smile
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I don't see any problem.

However, consider whether one should ask your question this way: 'I have some feelings about the word 'speak' here--'Is it used grammatically correctly?' (Or, 'Is it grammatically correct?' Or, 'Is it used correctly?')
Hi Davkett,

"It's seems to me" semms different to me. Is it a typo?
RishonlyHi Davkett,

"It's seems to me" semms different to me. Is it a typo?

More like a few brains cells didn't fire on time.

(And how about your 'semms'?)
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It says I need more practice in typing:-)
This guy asked a bloody question, the least we could do is try and give him some constructive opinions, instead of picking away at other irrelevant parts of what was written!
For the most part, 'relate to' seems to fit better, but in my opinion, when abstract concepts are 'relating' with each other, 'relate with' seems to work quite well eg. 'to relate with the fear he is experiencing'.
Does that make sense? Anybody care to pick away at MY grammar, relevant or not?
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