The below is a question requiring the most appropriate word to fill in the blank.

Can you Give me your answer?

Throughout Earth's history, an estimated 3 million to 100 million species have disappeared, which means that this year somewhere between three and a hundred species will vanish. However, such natural extinctions appear to cause little harm. Over millions of years the ecosystem has developed an amazing _________ to errors and failures, surviving even such drastic events as the impact of the Yucatan meteorite, which killed tens of thousands of species.

① connection ② intolerance ③ insensitivity
④ accessibility ⑤ subjectivity

The answer says it's #3, and I get the answer right.

However, it seems to me why #2 cannot be a proper answer and it needs googling with 'Google book search'.

First, I googled "insensitivity to errors," and I got the 126 results.
Next, I googled "intolerance to errors," and I got the 14 results.

These results bring me to the conclusion that with #3, #2 can be another answer in the context.

Am I right?

Below is the example sentences I got from googling.
I phased them so you don't take the trouble to search.

▸Differential connection of the photodiodes ensures insensitivity to errors caused by light source variability due to environmental or other factors.
error insensitivity
error intolerance in organizations
▸Since then, many variants have appeared that seek to address some of its shortcomings, such as intolerance to errors in the training data.
I just think intolerance is totally opposite to the meaning of this paragraph.
▪ intolerant of pain, which means being unable to endure pain
▪ insensitive to pain, which means being unaffected by pain

So, each has quite different meaning.