The panel in question is supposed to have one label for each button.

1) The panel is missing labels for the “on” and “off” button.

I think the above sentence is incorrect because "labels" is plural and thus insinuates that each button has multiple labels.

2) The panel is missing the label for the “on” and “off” button.

I think this sentence is incorrect as well since "label" is singular and implies that there's only one label (which is missing).

Thanks, EE.
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You seem to know quite a lot about the matter, Davkett! Are you studying infatnts' psychology or something? I'm impressed!
I just thought that when (too) clever infants see an alternative to something static, they have to try it. I remember when my baby brother
started the wash machine with the cat in it. Fortunately we managed to stop it in time. The cat was very clean! and wet.
I can appreciate how such a memorable firsthand experience as you describe might lead you to think that the infant recognized the meaning of 'on'. However, there are a number of other conclusions that can be drawn, more consistent with the nature of an infant's mental capacity, to explain how the event could have occurred, such as by mimicking the mom doing laundry, or by randomly, or accidentally, hitting the right button.
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quote:" there are a number of other conclusions that can be drawn,"

I'm very interested in that matter, can you please share with me?
Thank you!
Do you mean that you want me to rule out the examples I've given?

Even if I were to add to the list of possible causes, this type of discussion, as entertaining as it might be, moves too far away from the kind of information I think is most relevant to this forum, or to the original question.
You're right, Davkett, let's stick to the original question.
But yet, you might start a thread on how/what children learn, in another section of the forum. I'm quite serious, it's very interesting.
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There seems to be a very cavalier attitude to one's animal companions in this thread.

What was the cat doing in the microwave/washing machine in the first place?

(My only fear at this point is that guinea pigs will be inadvertently mentioned. And then we'll be back to sausage-insertion before you know it.)

No, no hamster! But it's a well-known fact that cats like to go into that kind of things; well at least mine does, dish-washer, dryer, you name them... I'm always very careful when I turn them on!
...cats like to go into that kind of things...

How strange. You would think that evolution would have selected against the domestic-appliance-seeking gene by now. To my mind, it's slightly irresponsible of owners to retrieve their pets, if they stray into tumbledryers. We should always let nature take its course.

Ah well.

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Maybe pet-owners are responsible enough to protect them from the dangers of modernity.
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