The panel in question is supposed to have one label for each button.

1) The panel is missing labels for the “on” and “off” button.

I think the above sentence is incorrect because "labels" is plural and thus insinuates that each button has multiple labels.

2) The panel is missing the label for the “on” and “off” button.

I think this sentence is incorrect as well since "label" is singular and implies that there's only one label (which is missing).

Thanks, EE.
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Dear Double E,

You may say: "The «on» and «off» buttons on the panel are missing their labels."

It would be more economical to have one «on/off» button, no?

Kind regards,
Alright thanks. I had the feeling that #1 was correct.
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Even if there were only a single button, like a toggle button--is there such a thing?-- it could then require two terms (labels)... one saying 'on', and one saying 'off'. Both labels could be missing for that button.
Dear Davkett,

I did not think of that. But perhaps there would be one label: «on/off».

Have a nice evening,
Dear Davkett,

I have checked buttons in my house. Some say only «on». It is strange.

Kind regards,
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What an interesting question! Maybe some buttons say only "on" because you're not supposed to turn the appliance off?
On the other hand, maybe some dangerous appliances that are level with infants' eyes only have the "off" button so they don't turn them on? [:^)]
Dear people,

I have conducted a survey in my house. Here are the results. The first column is what the buttons say. The second column is the number of such buttons.

«on» 5
«on/off» 3
«power» 2
«symbol» 3
«no label» 4

The «symbol» is a bisected circle. It is possible that I forgot some appliances.

Have a nice day,
Hi Goldmund,

Here's a question for you. If one of those three buttons marked 'on/off' had the 'on' rubbed out, would you tend to say that one of its 'labels' was missing?
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