I am trying to select the nice slogan for the web site which will advertise the product for online property listings creartion. I have composed the below ones and I need somebody's opinion. Please help to find the right one.

P.S. Please note that i am not native speaker and the word combination might sound like non-english at all, due to its semantic discrepency Emotion: smile

The slogans are:

ProductTitle: when your business needs automation

ProductTitle: Designed to manage, used to earn

ProductTitle: Smart Management of your Properties

Increase revenue by reducing efforts

All-in-One Automated Realtor

Manage Your Property Smarter!

ProductTitle: When property generates revenue

Own. Manage. Earn.

If none of them is appropriate, do not hesitate to tell Emotion: smile


well , Iam not a native speaker too but i do not feel that any title can do , any way it is my own opinion wait and see others's opinions

with best regards
well, thanks for your honesty, this is better than have the bad slogan Emotion: smile
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Well, actually I didn't find one either... Emotion: embarrassed
None of them are catchy...no offense meant. Since I'm not into IT and I'm not a good advertiser, I can't help you either,sorry.Emotion: sad
I like this one the most:

Own. Manage. Earn.

Simple yet says it all.
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thanks to all, seems like I need further brainstorming Emotion: smile.