Dear native speakers,

Someone, please help me clarify which of the tenses (future or present) sounds more appropriate or correct in a document such as a manual? Also, please tell me its reason. In my opinion, both of the following sentenses seem to be grammatically correct, but I cannot figure out why one could be more appropriate or correct than the other, if someone says so. Or could these sentences be both correct and appropriate to use in a document such as a manual?

(Example A)
1. This bit is cleared after this operation is performed.
2. This bit will be cleared after this operation is performed. (To me, this seems to be more natural than the above 1 because "the time this bit is cleared" is "after something happens". No??)

(Example B)
1. If /When "0" is set, this pin sets "1".
2. If/When "0" is set, this pin will set "1".

Hmmm, I am confused...

In my experience, the present tense is normally used. When I used to write this kind of manual, I used it because it made such statements shorter and easier to understand.

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Hmm, I see. Well, however, does it mean that the present tense is correct but the future tense is wrong to be used in a manual? Or whether which form to be used all depends on the writer, in the end?

It's not wrong. Your choice.

Dear Clive,

Thank you for your opinion and advice. I appreciate it.
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