I wonder if some kind soul would mind enlightening me please. I am not sure which of these two statements is grammatically correct and why:

"The only business that repair laptops and monitors on the Costa..."

"The only business that repairs laptops and monitors on the Costa..."

Incidentally, the statement would be used for an advert. The one using 'repairs' sounds correct to me, but someone else believes that 'repair' sounds correct and that 'repairs' sounds odd.

Thank you.

Hello James,

You are correct with 'repairs' because you are talking about one business. Singular verbs take this form (He walks, he talks, he repairs).

If it were a group of businesses it would be repair. (They walk, they talk, they repair).

I think your friend is getting confused by the fact that if the sentence were to be re-phrased a little, repair would then be correct. For example 'The only business to repair laptops....'

Incidentally, your advert will sound far more dynamic if you phrase it as 'The only business repairing laptops and monitors...'
Dear James,

«repairs» is correct. «The only business» is naturally singular. Emotion: smile

Kind regards,

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