I need an appropriate adjective for a person who
-is always self dependent
-always try to do things on his own behalf
-never accepts help of anyone, even in the times when he needs help
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self-centered stands for selfish, egocenteric
"a person who thinks about himself"
but my description is somewhat else.
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Maverick ??????
Maverick's a noun.
maverick is also used as an adjective to describe a strong willed person who likes to do things his own way and often alone...though not a loner.
a maverick has a need to prove more to himself than to others. People will take offense at his stubborn nature but he means to harm no one. Only to challenge himself and to win.
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The apt word that i think for this is INCENTRICK
The correct meaning for this word i think is
"Independent in behavior or thought"
"Unbranded range animal especially a stray calf"

What do you call someone who really get on your nerves?
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