Could you help me with this please? I don't know which word to use in each sentence?

1 They won't ever be waiting there when you get back./will never be waiting there when you get back.
2 His arms are disproportional/not proportional to the his body. They are too bulit.
3 I have to play in optimal/optimum conditions.
4 All my shirt cost 10 dollars except for/but these.
5 Putting in nicely, I don't like her. Lets just put it that way./Let's just say that.
6 When/what time is the last train.
7 Are those your eyes?/Are those you color eyes. If those are your eyes./If your eyes are that color...
8 I don't remember if she was taller than me or not.
9 Thes two pieces of clothing don't go well together./don't look good together.
10 Her eyebrows are tattooed/are tattoos.
11 The french metro is more knownthat the NY/more famous/renowned that the NY one.
12 She came up from behind/She came up behind me and hit me.
13 She was on her tippytoes./tiptoes.

14 What's better than having 2 woman to yourself. (can you say WHATS BETTER....?)

15 The more I get to know him the more I realise the less we have in common.

THank you
I would prefer the following over what Andrew offered:

6. either

7. Is that the color of your eyes?

13. tippytoes (is used by children)

15. fewer (countable!)
15 questions will take a lot of sifting through. Don't you feel a little too imposing?
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Could someone please take a look at this for me?

Thank you
hi there..hope this helps :

1. They won't be waiting there when you get back
2. His arms are not proportional to his body.
3. Optimum

4. All my shirts cost 10 dollars except for these ones.
5. Let's just say that i don't like her.
6. What time

7. Is that your eyes' color? If that is your eyes' color,...
8. I don't remember whether she was taller than I was or not.
9. These clothes don't match/ don't look good together.
10. tattoed
11. more famous or more well-known
12. (both are ok)
13. tiptoes
14. What's better than having two WOMEN to yourself?
15. The more i know him, the more i realize that we have less things in common.
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yeah, i guess they make sense..
thanks for the correction..