hello friends, I forget a word that means to do something and another thing together, e.g. to eat and work at the same time

assume it's ***

then when we want to say ``eat food and discuss at the same time'', we use ``eat-***-work''

pls help and thanks in advance... ^^
Hello chaitatp

Perhaps: 'eat-***-work' (though '***' is usually only used between nouns).

Or 'eat and work simultaneously'.

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Yeah! thank you very much MrPedantic, `***' == `***'.

After I had read your post, I went to my dictionary and it says

used between two nouns to show that something has two purposes
- a kitchen-***-dining room
- a lunch-***-business meeting
Are you looking for ONE word or one expression?
Perhaps have lunch and do business?
is it ok to use ``a lunch-***-business meeting'' as i've found it from Longman Dictionary.
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Yes indeed, 'lunch-***-business meeting' would be ok. However, this particular combination already has its phrase, which would be better: 'a working lunch'.