Could you please help me correct these sentences and tell me which word to use?

1 I got home fine/ alright
2 How did you link/associate him to her. Its not like the ever do business together.
3 I started the game well/in a nice fashion and ended up winning my entry fee for the day. (a tournament that qualifies you for another bigger daily tournament.)
4 He came up and bonked me on the head from behind/the back.
5 Why are the people that are at/toward the back of the car trying to get off the train?
Thank you
1. either

2. either

3. behind

4. either
Could someone please help me with this, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you
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Would you say "well" or "in a nice fashion"

Thank you
alc24Would you say "well" or "in a nice fashion"

Thank you

I would probably say 'well." Another good choice would be "in good fashion".

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