Could you please help me with this?

Could you tell me if you could use JUST AS like this? and if possible give me a couple for examples ?

1 Just as there could be no fat in your filet, there also could be a lot. It depends on the cow

The wait to see a doctor could be 2 hours just as it can be 5 hours. I don't know what the wait will be.

2 How long can you continue this before you get caught. The average expectancy of a drug lord is a year before he gets caught. (how would you say this please?)

3 I wish someone could sing to me while I was drving./You could make me food while you are making yours./while you make yours.

thank you
1. equally possible

2. Sounds good.

3. am driving / other two are fine
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For 1, are say both are good?

How would you say them, something tells me you wouldn't say it like this?

thank you
It's fine.