Hello everyone,

It seems to me that the part unlined of the sentence below is ungrammatical and I hope to hear your opinions.
Shouldn't it be 'while calling'?
Or is it correct and usual usage?

hoping your help...


So, shouldn’t we stop labeling the shark a killer while call the lion a magnificent creature?

p.s.: I know this is not a vocabulary section but since I have something to ask here, I'll put another problem.

What do you think those parts unlined mean ?

To many people, sharks symbolize the very essence of ruthlessness and are considered the ultimate savages of the natural world. It is within bounds to say that those impressions about sharks are due to the books and movies such as Jaws, where sharks are portrayed as vicious and bloodthirsty man-eaters.

At first glance,

I interpret the sentence as, "So, shouldn't we stop labeling the shark a killer, and call the lion a magnificent creature?"

Reads like two independent clauses.

I prefer "reasonable" to "within bounds", but that is a style question, and not a grammar question.

Shouldn't it be 'while calling'?
Yes, you are right. It should be 'while calling'.

within bounds = within the limit of reasoning.