Hi guys

I do not understand the title of this song.

The same phrase repeats in the song a few times, but I do not get what he means by these words. Can anybody explain that to me?

Here's the whole song: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/White-Trash-Beautiful-lyrics-Everlast/214FB90C7E93891A4825...

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The second phrase, "Trailer park Queen," is exactly the same sort of image - the juxtaposition of the plain/undesirable/ugly/low-life with the very desirable. He's putting a tramp on a pedestal.

I don't mean she's immoral, just unfortunate.

If you don't know what "white trash" means, do a Google search. It's hard to describe without sounding racist. (Long live political correctness!)

There was a sad time in US history when middle class white America felt superior to blacks, and seemed to assume they lived in squalid conditions. "White trash" is an old expression used by middle and upper class whites to describe whites who lived the way they assumed only blacks should.

I wish I hadn't said that, but that's my understanding of the expression. I hope I haven't offended anyone's sensibilities. - A.

Edit. I don't have anything against people who live in trailer parks either. "Some of my best friends live in trailer parks!"
Hi Avangi

I think I understand. He's saying something like: beautiful white scums. Maybe it means that they are good people and they should live better lives, they should have better conditions of living. The title is somewhat ironic (beautiful), I guess.

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Right. But I don't think he's passing judgement. Yes, this is a good example of irony.

Ah, I think I misunderstood what you meant by "should live better lives." We often use that expression to mean, "You must strive to be a better person (less immoral/corrupt)."

I now realize you meant "You deserve to have more of the good things of life."

I'm not sure if he actually addresses this matter. (I'd have to look at the whole song again.) I think he simply takes her as she is, while being aware that others may look down on her.

FYI, "scum" is uncountable, whether referring to one person or a group of people. We use "scumbags" as countable.
Thanks for the reply Avangi!

Okay.. I can explain this. "White trash", it is a
derogatory term if you are being politically correct, but in the south it's just another term like "redneck", "blue collar" , etc. A lot of people are proud to rock the title. Lol. Kid Rock, for example, he wears a trucker hat that says "white trash". They actually sell ALOT of those hats here in MS, haha! Anyway.. A lot of people can relate to this song where I'm from. It's just about a girl who was born into, lived in a "trailor park" or a so called "poor" neighborhood. She fell in love with this guy at a young age, she was beautiful, she could have found a better man and got out of that lifestyle, but she chose to stand by and love her alcoholic, truck driving man. She chose to be a waitress and work for her money and wait on him to come home, & pretty much deal with his crap rather than using her looks to "get out" or go be with anyone else. That's my take on it. Hope maybe that clarified things a little?! Emotion: smile
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Thank you for your definition. I was thinking the same thing. I have just had this dedicated to me. And we are so far apart from each other and we have had such a naff past.

Hence i love "it means that they are good people and they should live better lives, they should have better conditions of living."

Thank you.

In my opinion, this song is about a real ride or die chick with real love and feeling. Fell in love with a guy that didnt really love her enough. Same sad scenario in much of the world today

who is the girl in white trash beautiful video by everlast?

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