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Agree with you, too.

It's totally useless.

I asked for refunds for so many times, and they simply ignored me. Never got any refunds back.
I think that spellcheckplus is quite reliable (and it's free!!)
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I tried few writing fixing software (Editor, SmokeWhite, WinProof) and I conclude that these software do not do much to fix the writing. They have poor user interface and they are difficult to work with. I suggest you stick with MS Word's free grammar and spell-check features.

Minneapolis, MN
I purchased this software in April and it wasn't very helpful. You can use thesaurus.com with the same success rate, and it's free. I had problems with the software from the first day and I've been contacting their customer support. That was the worst experience I've ever had. They respond within a week and usually their recommendations are completely irrelevant and useless. Don't waste your money.
I too have had problems with Whitesmoke. I purchased the software from them middle of July. It was on sale. I was offered the "Executive Version" for $125.00. I had asked before hand if it was a service (i.e. had to connected to the internet) or software. I was assured it was software. I took the plunge as well and purchased.

The original problem that I came across is that they delivered a key code for only the general writing version. I then discovered that I had to be connected to the internet in order to use the software.

I tried on several occasions to contact them through email. I got no response. I then tried to contact them through PayPal to raise a complaint. I still got no response. I tried to escalate the problem inside of PayPal and they refused to do anything.

I believe that Whitesmoke has committed fraud in my case since what was delivered was very different than what I ordered AND they have not responded to my requests to make it right. When that failed, I too tried to exercise the refund guarantee. Which they have also not responded to.

Buyer beware. This does not seem to be a legitimate business!
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I tried it and others as well and find that most of them are useless. I did find one that I liked and ended up buying called Correct English. They let me try it free first (www.correctenglish.com) and I found it easy to use. Of all that I tried, this one seemed to work the best.
It's appalling (the 2008 version anyway). If you launch it from, say, Word, you can't edit your Word document, only the WhiteSmoke window. If you then save your edits it destroys the formatting of the text block it's just checked. Basically it works in plain text mode only. It doesn't matter though, because it doesn't work as well as the grammar checker in Word, and much of what it suggests is nonesense. The enrichment may work, sort of, but it just suggests adding words, when clarity would demand that you leave them out. The popup dictionary/theasurus may appeal to some, it's a lot better than the oh so politically correct Encarta product (look up minx), but it has a 30MB footprint. If you are looking for a grammar checker use Grammatik in Wordperfect, not great, but still the best.

purchased dated 01/19/2008 from Whitesmoke . I tired to download the software, and I have tried to downloading it three times. It is giving me the error installation message below. It is giving me this message "self registration error" and "application has failed to start because is incorrect, reinstalling the application may fix the problem", I tried reinstalling white smoke again, but no sign of progress.

You can see in their forum and at this other help forum that other people are having this problem.

They lists a fax number on their website but they don’t list a number for the client to call. I would really love to use their software. Please check the BBB for the compliants on this company.

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To anyone out there, do not purchase the WhiteSmoke software it is a fraud.
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