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i considered using it, but the moment they had my email info they've done nothing but spam me. they even have the audacity to write me back telling me they've removed me from their list but i still receive emails from them regardless. and from what i've heard, their program is useless.

don't get it!! Emotion: smile
i was going to buy whitesmoke but after reading all these comments, i changed my mind. it is good to find such useful information.GUYS you saved me 149.95 dollars and whitesmoke lost a customer.
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I am still very suspicious of this software. I found the following sites all over the place when I did a Google search for things like writing software or grammer checking. They purport to be independent sites recommending writing software but everyone goes straight to WhiteSmoke. Some don't even mention WhiteSmoke on their page -- they say something like Grammar Checker Software. You would think that all these independent sites had analyzed all writing software and recommended WhiteSmoke--when in reality, these are all probably produced by the same person at WhiteSmoke. It's fishy. Check out these sites for yourself. Buyer beware.

I clicked "Full Demo" on their main web page and it took me to a page asking for my name and email address. I usually don't like selling myself out like that but the product looked good so I filled in the entry fields. It then took me to a "which version of the product would you like to buy" with NO mention of any demo product. A live chat pop-up window then came up and I asked the person about the "Full Demo" and they said they had no "Full Demo" but that I could buy the product and it had a 30-day money back guarantee.

Uh, I don't like bait-and-switch games. It kind of destroys my trust. So I let the live chat person know this and they gave me the email of their director of business development & sales and their support email to complain and have my personal information removed.

Who knows, it might have been an ok product (based on the reviews here, it doesn't sound like it though) but they ruined my trust in them by misleading me from the start and if I don't trust, I don't hand out my credit card information - just my email address, apparently. Emotion: sad
Thanks God, I found this useful forum to finally read some unbiased reviews about this software that, in 20 days, literally monopolized the main adv/sponsor programs/systems on the net.

This week I tried Whitesmoke trial version (3 days trial), downloaded from Softpedia (the version was updated and correctly installed).

At a first glance, all the punctuations spaces were systematically erased and even on the available templates, mistakes were everywhere.

What really impress me, is that a lot of reliable sites/portals (Siber System Roboform as well as C-Net Download.com and many others) linked their brands/programs to Whitesmoke, inducing users to trust the software being guaranteed by them.

The Demo on the Whitesmoke site is actually inhibited and you should buy it trusting their word.

The insistence of their flooding marketing policy, made me stop for a while (I was buying it with no doubts or hesitations trusting the guys/parents of Roboform and Goodsync) and I picked up the trial from Softpedia.

Today is the "trial end" day and a "triumph" of pop-ups invaded my desktop offering a further discount etc etc...

Before definitively throw away the software, I stumbled on this forum and found out that I'm not alone...

From now on, to clean out my email box from their offers, an intense fighting against Whitesmoke spam strategy will start.

I keep my finger crossed.

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I can't get my money back from them. I am really worried. I don't think their service helped with grammar and editing in a productive manner at all. It's been two days since I requestd a refund and I continue to get a standard response e-mail which gets me no-where.
I'm exactly in the same case as you...Please let me know if something happened....
Quick update:

I have installed their latest version: WhiteSmoke 2010, and it probably the best grammar checker around, other then that you need to be connected to the internet it is a good product (compared to the original product I checked 3 years ago).

Good job guys!

(sorry for the bad comment)
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Here's another phony WhiteSmoke site:


The "expert," Gil Lavitov, has 1200+ paragraphs in this page pretending to be mini-reviews of various writing software. Each one of the many paragraphs I checked has a link back to WhiteSmoke or a link to another page advertising WhiteSmoke. Heap big smoke, but no fire!
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