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I came accross this website and was wondering if anyone has use this tool? The ratings seem very good. But I am not sure if the ratings are legit. If you have any experience with the software, please share your thought. I would like to buy it if it is helpfull.

Thank you,

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I use its demo version, and it seems great. Moreover, it is a popular program nowadays, and I see many people desire to purchase it. I think it works very well.
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I used the demo version and I'm not at all imoressed. If you use the "enrichment" tool, it will certainly distor the actual meaning of your sentence. Writing is still an art rather than a science.
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Did not finds it very useful.
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I looked at the demo. It doesn't really do anything that you can't already do in Word.

I'm always worried about 'machine writing'. I know that Word makes enough daft suggestions and just look at the garbage the automatic translators churn out. A piece of software is not as good at writing as a human being.
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I just looked at this today too. I agree with Nona. I suspect if you took all of this program's suggestions, your writing would end up looking ridiculous.
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I used it and it's working really working fine- yeah ofcourse it's not always the best but for me it as a forigen it's a lot of help and new ideas for my writing.
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could you tell me how I can get its demo version.

Thanks a lot
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In my opinion, Whitesmoke is no more than a scam of promises!

I ‘m an English language teacher in China. Part of my job is to ‘mark’ correspondence work from students and I thought I could do with a worthwhile ‘writing programme.

Wish I hadn’t.

For those of us who can read and write to a secondary school level Whitesmoke is worthless. The grammar check and Thesaurus in Microsoft Office is better and FREE.

Not only is does this software not do what the promoters suggest it will do, but it actually makes its own mistakes. It offers alternative words and grammar that are absolute nonsense.

I really wish I had downloaded a trial version, however, due to its Guaranteed Money Back promise I took the plunge and bought it on the basis of favorable reviews. I don’t want to risk insulting some reviewers here but my God, one can only guess at their own level of English!

Now to the sticking point. Whitesmoke’s guarantee has been proven worthless to me at this moment in time. Having supplied the ‘requested’ evidence of my complaints, I was offered a deal of extra expensive software…free. I declined the offer and focused on my ‘Guaranteed Refund’. I was then told that I would have to wait up to a month, and in the meantime I was sent a promissory note!

The inconvenience of this ‘waiting’ is a real nuisance I have say. Anyway, not only has the month past-by well and truly but, no contact from Whitesmoke. I have suspected I might have to chase them for my ‘Guaranteed Refund’ so I sent a frustrated e-mail to them and guess what?…NO REPLY.

So my good readers, you have been warned!
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