We call it whito correction pen (almost always shortened as whito) where we live and use it like this.

The students were told not to use whito.


Could you please tell me what you call it where you live and how you use it in your sentence?




I'd say 'Flo Chart used Tipp-Ex to fix her mistakes'.

(NW England)

Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?

Thanks, Rover.

--but isn't the term 'Flo Chart used Tipp-Ex' a bit of a mouthful? Imagine a teacher saying this in a classroom often!?


In the Middle Atlantic states of the US, both the paint-on stuff and the "correcting tape" are called "white-out". The spelling is in doubt because it is a genericized brand name, and the product name is spelled "Wite-Out", which is camel-case and misspelled, to boot. I must confess I had forgotten how the brand name was spelled. There is another brand of the paint-on stuff called "Liquid Paper", and I guess people who always use that call it that.

"I had to use white-out on my report because we were out of paper."

Incidentally, a whiteout is when there is so much blowing snow that you can't see anything but white.

Mr. TomTipp-Ex'

This is a brand name that is also often used as a generic term in the UK. When speaking generally and a particular brand need not be mentioned, it would be correct if you just say correction fluid https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correction_fluid

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