Hello everyone. I have a question. I´d like to know which sentence is right. Emotion: thinking

1. Who do you think I am?

2. Who do you think am I?

Of the two, which is right? and Why?

Thanks a lot and Adiós!
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The correct form is: Who do you think I am? This is question form. If you arrange the words in regular order, it will be clearer: You do think I am who. By the way, native speakers often use this kind of sentence when they are angry. Tom: Be quiet! George: Don't talk that way to me. Who do you think you are? = Do you think you are someone with the authority to make me be quiet? Another example: Teenager: Buy me a car. Father: What do you think I am -- a rich man? = You know that I am not a rich man.
Well, unless I went crazy, I am so sure I saw the same questions a couple of days ago. If you are the same poster who posted the identical questions, what is the reason for reasking the same questions? Are you second-guessing the answer(s) you had received from the experts?
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The first is right.

The transformations are as follows:

Base sentence: You think I am somebody.
Introduce the question word: You think I am who?

Front the question word: Who you think I am ___ ?

Provide do-support in preparation for inversion: Who you do think I am?

Invert: Who do you think I am?

Nothing motivates a second inversion of I am to am I. There is no reason to invert again. Only the first subject-verb combination is inverted.

Thank you very much!! Emotion: smile
To anonymous writer.

I wasn't second-guessing about the answers I had already received from others. In fact, I thought this post wasn't posted because at that time, I couldn't find this one so I mistakenly thought that I had to log-in to post something in this site and posted same question after logging-in. I don't know why you are angry with this, but if I had annoyed you, I apologize to you for my mistakes hmm.
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AnonymousHello everyone. I have a question. I´d like to know which sentence is right. 1. Who do you think I am?2. Who do you think am I?Of the two, which is right? and Why?Thanks a lot and Adiós!

The 1st ones right because it has the correct grammer and puntuation

What i shoud who i am
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