could you plz delet my message? the post is could you help me plz, its urgent
when i aploaded my assignment on the software it apprears as being a plagurised work.
plz could you delete it
im sorry if ive posted the message for several times , but the thing is that i received no feedback.
thankk you for your comprehension
Hi, Souki. You might try cutting and pasting the URL address of the thread and sending a personal message, or conversation, to one of the moderators who is currently online. Their names may be viewed after you hit the "Forums" button at the top left. You can click on one of their names to view their personal profiles, then click "start a conversation," or something like that.

Good luck, - A.
Okay, I've deleted the thread.

I don't understand why you can't provide a link to this forum yourself so that they know it was your work to start with, but next time, know it will show up on a search. We will not delete future threads from you.
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I cannot find the post.
[moderator] Philip
Hi Philip,

Did you find the "access denied" one - next to oldest on the recent activity list on the personal profile? I wonder it that's it?

- A.
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