First of all, I want to say that I really love this site..!

My Question is: Who are the moderators here? Are they teachers? Are they qualified to answer students' grammer questions...? What country are they from and how did they become moderators?
(Sorry about all the questions, I'm just curious...).

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I wonder how you always keep a happy mood? Do you guys pretend it or you really are always happy? -)

I'd like to know how do you manage between your other activities and moderating these forums?
I mean, When do you have time to read all the posts, do the necessary search, and deliver the answers? How much time do you give to your spouse/partner then? You guys must certainly be well organized !
How to keep a mod happy?

Sorry, just joking... I personally don't read ALL the posts, some areas are beyond me. When I know the answer, I post it; when I have an opinion, I post it; when I don't know, I'm sure someone will know.

And I'm afraid there's no preset organization!
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Do you guys pretend it or you really are always happy?

We are always sweetness and light, Adomi! I don't know about the others, but if I'm not feeling happy, I go away and have a cuppa to calm down![A]
Me too. A cuppa whisky if I have it Emotion: smile
Mine's a large vodka, thanks Mike.[D]
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No doubt at all, you guys do not pretend it! You really are happy. At least Pieanne, CalifJim, Mister Micawber and Mike are as sweetness and light as you are Abbie, but please guys, slow down with the cuppa whisky or cuppa vodka.
I suggest you open a forum on Moderators, so that people get the opportunity to know who you are. what do you think?
I guess Like Pieanne, you can't read all the posts sent over here can you?
Well, I don't read them all, Adomi. I'll occasionally look at the techincal stuff, but it's all greek to me anyway! I suppose we all have our favourite topics and areas of expertise, which also means we can learn a lot too.
I understand that you guys can't read the thousand of posts sent over here. You are only Human beings, not processing machines, and your knowledge and fields of interest are certainly limited. Considering that, I think you can split yourselves into groups and assign each group a particular forum, so that they can monitor it, and, after a certain period of time, shift the teams , so that the mods also interract with other members, and learn too, otherwise, some posts run the risk of never being processed. Plus, having a moderator answering one's questions, or participating in a discussion cheers up.
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Hello, Adoni!
It is a very sensible idea, but you know, I think the Forum works well and keeps its cheery mood because no mod (I can't speak for all of them, of course) feels they have to do something. As to me, if I were assigned a special forum, I'd get very nervous, check my watch all the time - even buy one, at that!- ("Gee, I've got to cook dinner and iron the shirts and make the beds etc... and I haven't even answered all the threads!"). And then I think I'd resign...
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