First of all, I want to say that I really love this site..!

My Question is: Who are the moderators here? Are they teachers? Are they qualified to answer students' grammer questions...? What country are they from and how did they become moderators?
(Sorry about all the questions, I'm just curious...).

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I agree, Pieanne. (and I haven't got a watch either!) I think we all pick our special favourites de facto. It's nice we can all just work together.
Hello Abbie, Hello Pieanne,

I was afraid Pieanne let us down, but "thank English language", she's there.

I can see how well you(The Mods) get along...It's a good sign.

Well, seen from where you guys stand , it's quite true. Many members do not take the time to read all the posts (Begining with me!)..they select by topic, and field of interrest, hence my suggestion, so that some of them get to know you....I'm happy I can discuss with you....It helps me improving my English . I learn from you, how to use some words, I've got the opportunity to use those I know (though most of the time I misuse them), and....I've learnt also about a community of Roddent-eatersEmotion: wink . I know I still have some gaps, but I appreciate your help.

By the way, it looks like many person over here do not have a watch....
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You may not read all the posts, but you're well-informed, Adoni! Emotion: smile
I think everybody, whether posters, members or mods makes a beeline to what interests them, and ... miracle! Every post gets answered! (f)
I do have watches, but none works. I know the time from my PC and my cell phone. At the end of the afternoon from my oven.

I'm looking forward to more of your posts, Adoni!
I know the time from my PC and my cell phone. At the end of the afternoon from my oven.

Me too, Pieanne, or from the sun if the sky is clear.
Emotion: left hugthis is a man's man's world [}]
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You guys have a special sense of humour...Emotion: smile So you all have watches all over the place but not on any of your arms??? what about moonlit night? I think they are clear Abbie..how do you know what time is it then?

By the way, do you guys know with each other? I mean do you for example, Pieanne, know the face hidden behind the user name Abbie1948 and vice-versa? Do you Abbie, know what Amandine is doing, or something?
No, I don't wear a watch. I have the usual ones all around the place.
I've never met any other mod in the flesh, but further from that, Adomi, please let us have some privacy... (a)
Oh sorry guys, I didn't mean to intrude your privacy Emotion: embarrassed
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
No offence, Adomi, no offence! (d)
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