First of all, I want to say that I really love this site..!

My Question is: Who are the moderators here? Are they teachers? Are they qualified to answer students' grammer questions...? What country are they from and how did they become moderators?
(Sorry about all the questions, I'm just curious...).

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By the way, do you guys know with each other? I mean do you for example, Pieanne, know the face hidden behind the user name Abbie1948 and vice-versa?

I think there are some pictures of some of the mods in the Photos section.
Maybe we could get the rest of the Mods to put their photos up. (The mask is optional)
You will see that neither of my two photos are serious. I can't do it I tell ya!!!

I think the thing that keeps us going are the free drinks at the bar to the right.

Where do I get the time for this? Well, I still have 50 years on my prison sentence and I have rigged up a computer out of an empty beer can, some purple sticky stuff I found under the toilet seat and a few paperclips and with that I can connect to the internet and monitor these forums. It keeps me out of trouble, sort of...
...By the way, it looks like many person over here do not have a watch...

I don't have a watch either. I go by the feeling in my water.

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Hi Mike Emotion: smile

what does "Gambatte" mean?
I think it means "Does anyone know the correct time??"


Hi Nedad,
'Gambatte' is an expression of encouragement. The meaning is quite broad, and it can mean anything from 'good luck', to 'try harder' and various shades between.
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