First of all, I want to say that I really love this site..!

My Question is: Who are the moderators here? Are they teachers? Are they qualified to answer students' grammer questions...? What country are they from and how did they become moderators?
(Sorry about all the questions, I'm just curious...).

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Hi Spoty,

It's nice to know you like EnglishForward.com Emotion: smile

Who are we?
You can see a list of moderators near the top of the main page. We have (and have had) teachers, retired teachers, scientists, linguists, students, poets, I.T. personnel, copywriters, and people from many other walks of life within our ranks.

Why are we?
Mods are more often than not chosen for their good nature, helpfulness, good humour, ability to calm heated situations, tolerance, etc.
Proficiency in English is a bonus!

Where are we?
We are from many different countries, including; Britain, Malta, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Indonesia, Germany, Australia, Japan, USA, and Canada.


I think I'll spend here a lot of my spare time...

A few days ago my teacher and I had differences of opinions and I wanted to know if I can show her this site and maybe change her mind...Emotion: smile I'll do that.
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Sorry to be squeamish, but please check your spelling! Grammar is written all over this site for heaven's sake!
Welcome franvel. Thank you for your contribution. many of the posters here are English language students, but anyone can make a spelling mistake! We look forward to lots of constructive posts fom you. Emotion: smile
Hi franvel,
feel free to correct my mistakes, or I should say, please correct my mistakes, grammar, spelling, word order...when you feel like. Thanks!
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Hi everybody,

I just want to salute the job done by the moderators over here. I mean devoting oneself to others is more than a sacrifice. Allright! they are from various field, education (retired teachers or not), students, scientists, IT personnel and so on, they surely like it, they perhaps are paid for it, but the job they are doing is great. Human communication/interaction is never a simple task. People have differents views, temper, behaviour and providing the appropriate answers to questions sometimes needs extra reading and so on. Comments are not always good and frustrations are often in the rendez-vous. Yet you are still there, hanging out with us, giving us a bit of your time, doing all what you do, for the sake of english, for the sake of knowledge.... The less I can say is...thank you all.
Hello Adomi, and thank you for your kind comments. Moderators are not paid, but we do like contributing to the forum. As you say, Mods come from various walks of life, and have a wide range of skills. They are also located in many countries so we get a broad outlook on life. Emotion: smile
Thank you, thank you, Adoni!
I'll never learn as much English as I would wish, and answering all your questions helps me understand the language. Moreover, it's great to have the views of people scattered all over the world regarding many issues.
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