When I see the moon, I remember you.

When I see the stars bright, I think of you.

When I watched the moonlight glisten on the

water of Laguna Beach I remember you.

I can't forget you, because you are my soul

you are the air that I breathe.

I am part of your life.

I will be faithful for you.

I will be your bright side.

I will be beside you when.

you need the assist.

I will be your prisoner

All rest of my life.
Beautiful work silentwar. I didn't know you wrote poems. Let us see more.


I am happy because you liked my poem. I hope my friend cute girl read this poem. I am waiting you cute girl.
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i was havin' such a big headace before i read this poem

and after i did ... the headace just disappeared

i don't know what to say ... but this is so elegant

give us some more ...

and wait a second ... since when do you write poems ?

you never told me that ... i guess you found a new hoppy , right ?!...Emotion: smile

thank you so much silent ... you're really 1 of a kind ...
Hi, cute girl
how are you?

maybe write poems is new hoppy, you know I don't know my self. Everyday I discover something new. I am happy because you liked my poem.

see you later
silentwarWhen I see the moon, I remember you.

I would like to say to my crush, "You are like the moon: Round but beautiful".

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