I wanna know who do u think is the best HILLARY DUFF or LINDSEY LOHAN?
and why?

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best at....what? because neither of them are the best at anything. they both got extreme flaws

hilary-wtf is with the good girl attitude, no one is buying it. and also-lose some weight girl

lindsey--fake boobs and a fake nose is not very appealing. sorry.
lindsey lohans song is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than all of hillary duffs songs.
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hillary duff needs to lose weight and fast!! and for lindsey...she's ok and actually admits that she isn't a goody goody. hillary is sooooo fake. girl says she's straight and totally pure...well we know who's in denial now don't we?;)
ok ummmmmm i don't like neither but if i had to pick i'd choose hilary duff here's y!well Lindsey is a great actress don't get me wrong but who said she can sing HONESTLY she sounds like a bird dying!and she's trying to get back at hilary by dying her hair blonde !that's just making everyone want blonde hair!and i dont like hilary because she died her hair aswell her true color is brown soooo what the hell! people think blonde hair is the greatest hair ever ok what bout black hair and red hair huh sooooo that's y i dont like them o and i like hil better cause she can sing and she makes me cry on her movies!:'{
FreakoooI wanna know who do u think is the best HILLARY DUFF or LINDSEY LOHAN?
and why?

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Well, I think that Hilary is a very good romodle for little kids, shes a great singer ,and so is lindsey but Linsey acts to sexy for little boys and girls.
Why dont' you try being a celebrity for a day and we'll see how many people think you are fat and have fake boobs, or fake teeth, or fake eyelashes, etc. Who the *** cares what she did to herself. Her face is plastered on billboards, televisions, computer websites, magazines, the list goes on. If you think anyone believes that you would be perfectly alright with your appearance in front of 6 billion people, then you are an idiot. There is not a girl in this world that would not be self concious in front of 6 billion people. Come on, have a heart and give the girl a break.
lindsey lohan of corseEmotion: star
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