We watched interesting and excited matches in Euro 2008. Can you tell me who play best in this tournament ?.

This is some suggestions for you (because there're many good players ) :

1. David Villa (Spain)

2. C.Ronaldo (Portugal)

3. Podolski (Germany)

4. Klasnic (Croatia)

5. Nihat (Turkey)

6. Arshavin (Russia)

7.Robben (Netherland)

8. Pirlo (Italy)

They are 8 players whose teams went to quarter-final

1 2 3
David Beckham
I watched the match beetween Portugal - Germany, and I think Schweinsteiger played very well and he is one of best players in Euro 2008
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For the time being I daresay David Villa. But I like Arshavin in the last match.
Yeah, last match Arshavin play very well. And i think if he has chances to play all of Russia's matches in this tournament, he can score more goals.
I also like his partners Pavlyuchenko and Semak.
In Vietnam many people support Russia ,we hope your team and Arshavin can beat Netheland.
It's too early to say.
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After the game with Holland, I'd rather vote for Arshavin and Pavlyuchenko... They've got the thrill of the game...
after watching the games of russia against sweden and holland, without doubt Arshavin is the best player for the tournament. he missed the first two games due to suspension however after his return, the russians have become title conteders.
best players for me are the following;
-michael ballack
-david villa
-Roman Pavlychenko
Arshavin, no doubt!
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