Ram broke the window.

I have to make question.

1.Who broke the window?

2.Who did break the windows.

Which one is correct?

What is difference between the two questions.
Please explain a bit.

Hello Hanuman

1.Who broke the window?

This is the usual form of the question. It invites the answer:

'Ram broke the window.'

2.Who did break the window?

This form of the question follows a denial, e.g.

'Ram, did you break the window?'
'No, sir, I didn't.'
'Then who did break the window?'

i.e. it wasn't Ram, so who was it?


I assume the second example should have a question mark instead of a period.

That said, they both sound right to me, but the first is preferred (but I can't say why - perhaps it follows the same form as the question).
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Thanks sir now I really understand ' who broke the window and who did break the window?' I really get it