How to pronounce Gagne?Could you tell me?
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For many surnames you need to ask the person himself, or someone who knows how to pronounce his or her name. Even the same surname is pronounced differently by different people who have that name!

The only Gagne I've ever known about pronounced his name gahn -YAY.

I would pronounce it [ gæ[email protected] ]
Hi - You posted this in another thread too. Here is what I said there:

Well... I've heard gone-yay'. But in Maine, where they over-Anglicize the French last names, believe it or not, it's gag'-nee.

(So although CJ and I spelled our pronunciation differently, I think we agree on the mainstream pronunciation. Until you get to Maine.)
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>> Well... I've heard gone-yay'.<<

Does the "gone" have the same vowel sound as "dawn" or "don"?
Grammar GeekI think we agree on the mainstream pronunciation.
You must have meant 'mainstream in an English speaking community'.
Sorry, Conchita, yes, that's what I meant.

Marvin - most Amerians aren't so tuned in to French pronunciation that they distinguish gon from gawn.
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