Hi everyone!

I need to bring statistical information into my work. Maybe it is very simple, but I do not know what to include when referring to statistics about imports into a certain country. The statistics are available in the country's Central Bank, but there is no "document" with a proper name, which I could refer to.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance!
I'm not clear on what you want, Gabs-- how to cite the references for them? First we'd need to see what information you have available. 'Slobbovia Central Bank, imports for 2001-2002' should be enough, I suppose, if that's all you have.
I made an online query for the imports between 1999 and 2003 made by Mexico. Out from this information I made a graphic that displays their increase.

Since sources should be very exact, so that someone else can find them again, it is useful to give the name of the author, name of the document, date it was issued, etc. I`m therefore not sure how to cite my graphics, so that their source are "exact". Maybe the example you gave is enough.

Thanks for your help!