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I never mind to get some of my confidence to any one, "any one" is any one I knew him/her from the internet even if I loved him/her like my brother or sister. I'll trust him as he/she, but ya know, some time there is a red line we should never came to the other side while we are talking to any one.

Trust and respect are two different things.

I'll trust only my husband, son, family and some friends.

I do respect all the other people unless they have made me change my mind on that towards them.
Trust is something that has to be earned.
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my parents and grandparents
It takes as long to trust somebody online as it takes to trust someone you meet in person.

Two or three of my online friendships have developed to a point where we trust each other with personal details. On the other hand I've spotted several bogus people online.

Being able to meet somebody in the flesh doesn't automatically make them any more trustworthy than people on the net.
actullay ..it is hard to trust any body in the net at the first time
but although of that we can trust them maybe after talking or knowing for along time .. for me i cant trust any one in the net even i know him well because i dont know if he is really telling the truth or not
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What do you think the truth is here, in the Internet?
In my opinion if you need a piece of advice it's better to take it here, because you can talk frankly and to be unknown at the same time. there is a syndrome of companion /i don't know how to say it in English/ so, psychologists suppose /i think it was proved and many people agree with it/ that it's much easier to share your problem with a person you don't know very well. For instance, a person who you are in one carriage with or using the Internet. When you have troubles you worry about them, you think about them far too much and, as a result you cannot find the way out. In this case outsider is able to consider your problem with a fresh sight and to give you a good tip./or it's called 'sober decision'/
Anyway it depends on what you want to get.
i dont trust many people on net but if i find some good friend and we r in touch for longer time i trust him
What do you mean by trust on the net I'd like to know?
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I only trust those that trust me, but i dont really fully trust anyone but God
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