Do you trust the people on the net?

Frankly, I don't trust anyone. It is difficult to give your confidence for one that you don't know.

What about you?
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I don't usually trust people unless I know them really well but for some reason once I met a guy I trusted blindly. I don't know why but it happened like that and now I am so scared of being hurt. So if I were you I wouldn't trust anyone you don't know very well.
Almost all people are kind, so why not trust people on the net , and trust is mutual.
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That may be a true statement on people being kind, but trust is something you build or earn.
Why not trust people on the Net?Emotion: smile
I sometimes find it easier to share a concern or a problem with
the virtual society than with my real friends. It's like asking
the World for opinion or advice... No matter whether I will take
the adviceEmotion: smile
it's true that there really some words that can not say to our friends, long times ago ,just keep it in diary, called it little secrets, now if like, we can share with netfriends and talk about, got the advise. i think everybody here are likely to give the advise.
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The people we meet, we need to first develop trust to tell our secrets.But on the net, where u don't get to see the person, nor do u meet face to face, it is easier to trust them. Its like since u don't relate personally to them but only on the net, you don't have to think twice about their betraying you or your secrets to your loved ones. and hence it is safe with them as they don't get to know your family.
You seem to have total confidence with trust concerning strangers over the net. You must have a easy-going perception about others. Though, to me, it seems that you can never trust someone that you haven't fully developed a relatively close bond with. It's hard to distinguish between a friendly attitude on the net from a real attitude outside. It differs.
I believe that you can never trust anyone on the net even if you've known them for quite some time. You may know them, virtually but you can't identify, for certain, their real personality.

Trust isn't just about telling secrets here, in fact, it's not at all about that, because that is just about the only thing you CAN trust strangers over the net with, because they don't know you and you'll probably never see them in your life. But imagine you met someone on the net and they told you to go visit them in their country, would you trust them and go? Probably not! And why? Because you know you can't trust people you don't know! Another example: you recieve an email from some "company" asking for your password for some reason or another. Do you send your password? Highly unlikely.
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