I think women are more emotional than men. Women are also more sensitive to feelings than men? What do you say Friends?
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I am not sure if it would be correct to say women are more emotional, but they are better in expressing their feelings. A man even though more emotional might not be able to express it as freely
I am a woman & I am very emotional...however when it comes to talking about my feelings....I find it extremely hard. I think that the two sexes are a lot more alike than people generally think.
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generally speaking... women are seen as more emotional ones... human beings are full of emotions. both men and women have emotions.. same types of emotions but they are expressed in different ways. Women tend to be more expressive and less controlling of their emotions whereas men tend to bottle up their emotions... which generally tends to turn into other intense forms of emotions eg. anger, depression to name a few. anger is also an emotions. i guess it also depends on what you meant by "being emotional".. women being sensitive about small little things that men might disregard or not acknowledge?
umm i'd also like to say that, how we are raised also affects out emotional side as adults.. this applies to both men and women. anyways thats it for now.. i'd love to check back about this so ppl bring out those thought u've stacked up in the mind and lets hear for once.
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Oh, there are very many women, who conceal their emotions, and so do very many men. It depends on the family, on the mentality and on the temperament. I should say in my surroundings I have enough emotional men and enough non-emotional womenEmotion: smile Such an issue is the challenge for psychologists. I think it's the person's surroundings and attitude to life that matter here, but not sexes. Of course, if do not discuss merits and demerits of men and womenEmotion: smile
I´m with you, it doesn´t have to do with the person's sex. I would say it depends on genetics and the whole context that surounds the human being.
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It is interesting that women are know more emotional but man always express his feeling first so that shows he is more emotional be cause he cannot control his feeling and becomes emmotional. While women are more sensative to feeling but an interesting obsevation is that women have more controle to show that sensitaiveness.
Nothing much to say.It's obvious,women for sureEmotion: wink

Birds are hiding to die and men are hiding to cry. What I want to say is that some people cannot express themselves, and some men may think that to be a MAN, they don't have to show their emotions. Nevertheless I won't say that women are more emotional than men.
And I hace to say that a man who's crying is just incredible, and and the world stop turning around.
Regarding to your question, no, I don't think that men are less emotional than women
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