Currently I'm working on my graduate thesis. It might be easy to write a normal one but I want to make special. I keep thinking about what I'm gonna write these days. It could be something about English teaching methods or English literature, or a cultural comparison between China ( I'm a Chinese.) and other English speaking countries or even translation of these two languages. I have come up with some good ideas. But I really don't know what to choose and if I have made a decision, I must have my own understanding of it and thus I can collect more information to contribute to my point. Now the following is a list of my thoughts, any more good ideas will be highly appreciated.
about literature: I have read much English books, except some interesting romance novels. but they are not gonna make a thesis.
Do you have any good recommendations about English books, which has a good point to draw from or easy to write with?
about education: the differences of family education between Chinese and American/ British
parental education, love education in western countries / how do the circumstances influence English teaching
Others: good jokes that we can't understand in FRIENDS ( talk about the cultural differences or...?)
okay, that's it. Too much in my heads already, but they're just my preferences, don't what to do next. Please help me. I will thank you very much.
Perhaps you might want to check out the language learning method called TPRS. It's a method based on some of the foundational studies of James Asher (his method is TPR, Total Physical Response) and Stephen Krashen (comprehensible input).

You can read some preliminary things on Asher's method at http://www.tpr-world.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=200 .

Stephen Krashen has some articles on his website at http://www.sdkrashen.com /.

From there, you can then research TPRS, which was created by Blaine Ray http://www.blaineraytprs.com . Another of his colleagues, Susan Gross, has some great articles as well on her site http://www.susangrosstprs.com . You can also check out Carol Gaab's site, http://www.tprstorytelling.com , and the International Journal of Foreign Language Teacihing at http://www.tprstories.com/ijflt/index.cfm .

In a nutshell, this method is about learning a second language in a similar way to how you learned your original language, through repetitious, comprehensible input. It is a stress-free way to produce language that sounds natural without memorizing rules. I've been using this method since 2002 and I have found it to be an effective and enjoyable way of teaching and acquiring a new language. (I've been both a teacher and a student in TPRS classes.)

Hello, Chalk. I'm very happy and thankful that your suggestion has helped me a lot. Otherwise, I may be still wondering what I'm gonna to write. I think you must have read some of Asher's book, like Learning Another Language Through Actions and so on. But I can't find them here in China or online. Do you have any ebook version? If you do, I would be more grateful for your generous help. I really need them now. Then I can modify my graduate thesis and put a perfect end to this.

Thank you very much!