could anyone explains to me about who, whose, whom grammer?

when sould i use each one of them?

Who is subject case (also often object case), whom is object case, and whose is possessive.

Whom is used mostly in formal writing. It is being replaced by who in informal writing and conversation.


Subject case:

Who came to the party?

Bob, who was sick yesterday, came to the party today.

Object case:

Who did you invite to the party? (Also, formal: Whom did you invite to the party?)

Bob, who I invited, could not come to the party. (Also, formal: Bob, whom I invited, could not come to the party. )

Who is this ticket for?

Who did you give the book to? (Also, formal: Whom did you give the book to?

To whom did you give the book? (Whom is usually used after a preposition. This is rather formal.)


Whose book is this?
Ok, I'll try to help you.

Who is a subject pronoun like 'he, she and we'.

We use 'Who' to ask which person does an action or which person is a certain way.


*Who made the birthday cake?

*Who is in the kitchen?

*Who is going to do the dishes?

Whom is an object pronoun like 'him, her and us'.

We use 'Whom' to ask which person receives an action.


*Whom are you going to invite?

*Whom did he blame for the accident?

*Whom did he hire to do the job?

Whose is a possessive pronoun like 'his, her and our'.

We use 'Whose' to find out which person something belongs to.


*Whose camare is this?

*Whose dog is barking outside?

*Whose cell phone keeps ringing?

I hope it helps.


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Very very thank u